July 2019 – Commercial Battery Storage

ADTEK Limited is making a huge contribution to designing and connection of Commercial Battery storage and Solar farms across UK with our clients. We are expecting 250MW Battery storage system presently working on to be completed by Dec 2021.

Our target is to support developers and investors to connect 1GW Battery storage to UK distribution and transmission network by 2022.

March 2019 – Solar Panel Installation

ADTEK Limited has just installed commercial Solar panels on the roof of their office building to reduce emmission footprint of their company and generate power to the grid.

We intend to introduce this to other businesses across UK and replicate the installation to help other business reduce their emission footprints.


Adtek is a leading renewable energy consultancy with a growing portfolio of activity in UK and overseas.  We have highly qualified specialist engineers and consultants providing services to the growing renewable energy market in the United Kingdom and other nations of the world.

As a part of the team, you will obtain experience at the cutting edge of the industry and will get to see projects through from commencement to completion.

We are looking for motivated individuals who are looking are enthusiastic about renewable energy and ready to work as part of a dedicated team.

If you are interested in being a part of us, please send your CV to