Hydro Energy

This is the oldest of the approaches and the one that contributes the most of all renewables to current electricity supply. It basically converts the potential energy of a body of water into mechanical power and then to electrical power.

Interest in Hydro energy has been renewed in recent years as a result of the new UK and EU targets for reduction of Carbon emission and also the introduction of incentives like Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) and Feed-In Tariff scheme (FITs).

Adtek can provide the following services to help in the development the of hydropower

  • Desktop Feasibility Studies
  • Gird Connection Budget Estimates
  • High Level Grid Integration Studies
  • Detailed Grid Integration Studies
  • Transmission and Distribution Connection Application
  • Technical and Commercial Review Of Grid Connection Offer
  • Network Operator Liaison
  • Independent Connection Provider Liaison
  • Electrical Equipment Specification
  • Front-End Engineering Design
  • Electrical Studies (P28, P2/6, Earthing Design, Protection)
  • Commercial and Regulatory Services (Use Of System Charges)
  • Due Diligence Services for investors and Lenders Including Financial, Technical, Legal And Commercial
  • System Costing And Economic Assessments
  • Tender Appraisal
  • O&M Documentation
  • Grid Code Compliance Test
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning