Initial Site Assessment

Initial site assessment is site-specific high level initial site assessment is designed for developers with single or multiple sites. The assessment will advise clients about technical challenges that could affect grid connection of their generation, available grid connection points and the associated cost. This assessment is useful when shortlisting generation sites for further consideration.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are site-specific advance studies that detail initial connection options and likely costs for grid connection. The studies also highlight potential electrical challenges and conclude with technical recommendations for the developers. Our engineers have wide knowledge of the electricity network system and have completed studies for more than 20GW of renewable generation projects. We provide independent, accurate and comprehensive studies.

Grid Connection Application

Developers will need to secure grid capacity for their generation after a grid connection solution has been established. This involves accepting an offer of terms for connection from an appropriate network operator. A grid connection application requires completion of a standard application form (applicable to the size of the generation), supporting documents acceptable by the network operator and the ability to liaise with network operators on technical issues. ADTEK’s consulting team has reputable and in-depth experience of working with distribution and transmission network operators on behalf of clients to ensure the application meets their requirement.

Review of Grid Connection Offer

ADTEK offers a review of technical, commercial and regulatory terms to ensure clients understand a grid connection offer. An offer for connection is a complex document with technical, commercial and regulatory terms. It is essential that developers understand the document before accepting an offer. Our consultants have a proven record of negotiating connection offers on behalf of our clients with network operators. Negotiations often make the project feasible due to a reduction in the cost of grid connection or changes to the project timescale.


Adtek has good experience with liaising with network operators.


System design should be considered at the preliminary stage of the project. Network operators are interested in how the generation will be connected to their network and they always request a single line diagram. This is a preliminary design done without carrying out studies and is subject to change during detailed design.

Once a grid connection capacity is secured, the design phase of the project may commence to determine a cost-effective solution for the project. At this stage ADTEK’s design team will help to deliver a capital cost-saving design for the site and meet the specification for works that will be adopted by the network operator. The choice of equipment for generation depends on factors which determine capital cost, lead time and credibility of the whole project. Our team has a wealth of experience on equipment that meets different sizes of generation.

Design Package

ADTEK offers a series of electrical design packages, including:

  • Conceptual design
  • Detailed design
  • Earthing system design
  • Protection system
  • Functionality specification
  • Tender specification and procurement



ADTEK carries out the following power system studies:

  • Load flow
  • Voltage profile
  • Fault level
  • Voltage flicker and step
  • Harmonics
  • Losses
  • Stability
  • Steady state reactive capability
  • Fault ride through
  • Dynamic reactive capability



When a project reaches the design and construction phase, clients need to ensure the design meets the development objectives and the project construction is in accordance with required standards. ADTEK services in this field include:

  • Design documentation review
  • Drawing review
  • Supplier / contractor’s quote review
  • Functional specification review
  • Health & safety documentation review
  • Operation & maintenance documentation review
  • Construction supervision
  • Equipment test witness



Every project should be delivered safely, cost effectively and timely. During construction, it is essential to consider management of the overall project and interface between different subcontractors on-site to ensure they have the right skills, the required health and safety awareness and deliver their tasks on time. Commissioning processes must be robust to ensure the plant complies with regulations and standards. ADTEK has a team of project managers with vast experience in different sizes of renewable energy projects.


Distribution network operators are required to comply with the distribution grid code. Distribution network operators usually pass this responsibility to developers of large grid connected generators. Grid code compliance and other power quality regulations are sometimes challenging. ADTEK’s team has substantial experience to support either the DNO or developers to meet these obligations.


Viability of a project is subject to associated costs. It is essential that renewable energy developers are aware and understand commercial regulations and policy guiding their type of generation. Our team provides independent advice on grid connection risks and issues, charges and contractual obligations. We investigate the use of system charges for generation in an operation to ensure the generator is charged correctly.


Acquisitions of generation projects at different stages, from the preliminary stage to an operational site, form part of the growth of a renewable energy developer’s portfolio. ADTEK sees the acquisition process as important to establish the worth of a project. Our team has a wealth of experience to carry out the necessary assessments and liaise with network operators to establish the contractual agreement with the generator.